Overweight Self-Love Self-Esteem PLR


This Self-Esteem PLR Bundle includes articles targeted toward readers who are overweight and want to learn self-love. MRR included.


It’s not easy when the world isn’t made for your weight. Fitting in small sized seats and public transportation can be difficult, clothes shopping is difficult, dating is difficult, even making new friends can be difficult. One of the most difficult parts of the heavy life is that thin people don’t understand that having a little extra weight is something that many people cannot control. For a majority of obese people today, it is not a life choice, but genetically predetermined. It’s a thin world and we live in it. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t walk through it with pride and enjoy yourself every step of the way.

There is no reason that your weight should make you feel ashamed, lonely or depressed. In fact, a majority of big people live quite happy lives full of enjoyment. They walk through crowded rooms with pride in the way they look. They are confident in social situation or when speaking to the opposite sex. They live gainful lives, have gainful jobs, and are some of the healthiest people, yet they are still overweight.

That’s because they have come to terms with who they are and are mindful about certain aspects of their life that they are in control of without needlessly worrying about that which they don’t have control over.

If you have trouble accepting your body the way it is, if you are looking for tips on how you can live healthier without going on a crazy and unpredictable diet, if you want advice as to how you can live with more confidence, more self-esteem and more pride in the way you look or if you’re looking for help with any of the common problems mentioned above faced by obese people everywhere, then this book is for you.

While undergoing a complete positive life change comes easy and naturally for some people who openly embrace and welcome change in their life, it can be an uphill struggle for others. Either way, change takes time, and it’s only through forming healthy habits and routines that change is possible.

With the help of the information in this book, you will be well-equipped to take control of your life, love and accept your body, actively pursue positivity and never look back. 

Here’s What’s in this PLR Bundle
  1. Building Social Circles – 929 WORDS
  2. Buying Clothes – 269 WORDS
  3. Conclusion & Action Plan – 925 WORDS
  4. Dating – 1175 WORDS.doc
  5. Dealing with Bullies – 282 WORDS.doc
  6. Embrace Your Feelings – 576 WORDS.doc
  7. Embrace Your Feelings – 576 WORDS.doc
  8. Inspirational Stories – 5059 WORDS.doc
  9. Media, Society & Expectations – 323 WORDS.doc
  10. Self Esteem Tips – 2457 WORDS.doc
  11. Self-Confidence Tips – 2868 WORDS.doc
  12. Start Accepting Yourself & Your Body – 374 WORDS.doc
  13. Stop Overeating & Stay Healthy – 2231 WORDS.doc