Pay Per Click Marketing and Advertising PLR BUNDLE



Using Pay Per Click advertising is undeniably the quickest way for businesses to reach their target audience, generate leads and convert sales when used correctly, making it an essential piece of any modern businesses marketing strategy.

PPC ads are also now cheaper and more effective than they have ever been, enabling businesses to raise their brand awareness, generate more leads and get their products or services directly to their target audience all while on a thin advertising budget.

The problem that most business have with PPC advertising, however, is that they dive directly into creating ads without much knowledge of all of the tools and metrics offered by ad publishers. Not only will the correct setting on your PPC ad allow your business to stretch your advertising budget for much longer, but your ads will become much more effective and only reach your target audience who has a genuine interest in the products or services your business offers.

This book will teach businesses about the basics of Pay Per Click advertising, how to set up advertiser accounts with some of the most effective ad publishers today, and how to get the most out of your PPC ads. We’ll show you how to reach highly targeted audiences that are looking for products and services just like yours and how you can run a highly effective PPC campaign for as little advertising costs as possible. Lastly, we’ll also share with you the advanced tips ad secrets to creating engaging ads that are sure to capture people’s attention, get them to click through to your website, and encourage them to make a purchase.

This book is your ultimate guide to Pay Per Click advertising and business strategies. After learning how to properly set up advertising accounts with all of the major ad publishers, your business will be able to optimize its reach and ultimately make more sales.

Are you ready for one of the best business investments of your life?

Here’s What’s in this PLR Bundle
  1. A Brief History of PPC – 457 words
  2. Getting the Most Out of PPC – 1,506 words
  3. How to Use PPC Ads – 981 words
  4. Other Effective Advertising Methods – 339 words
  5. Parting Words – 247 words
  6. PPC Ad Publishers – 10,577 words
  7. What is Pay Per Click – 374 words


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